Author Spotlight: Lisa Rusczyk

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of a book recently called Sam the Night Person by Lisa Rusczyk. This novel is a supernatural fantasy about Azzy and Sam. To read my full review of this book, click HERE.

Not only was Lisa nice enough to send me a copy of her book, but she also agreed to answer some questions about her writing.

How did you come up with the idea of night and day people?

I spend a lot of time daydreaming and the idea came from a night of bored insomnia.

Why did you name the book after Sam?

I had a hard time deciding between naming it after Sam or Azzy, but my friend Joanie Gorforth said she liked the Sam title better so that’s what I went with.

Where did you come up with the name, Azzy? What does it mean?

I had a Himalayan cat named Azriel and his nickname was Azzy.

How long did it take you to write this book?

It took about 4 months..

What advice would you give young writer’s who wish to write their own novel?

You can write whatever you want, make all the mistakes you want. You can always change anything you want later.

What is your favourite book and author? And why?

My favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams. I love the story and the bunnies! I especially like the bunny mythology.

When you start writing a novel, what do you begin with first? Is it character, outline, plot etc.? What is your writing process?

That’s tough to answer because each book has been different. As far as starting them, sometimes I’ll just start writing and see where it goes. That’s what I did with The Blue Pen and another book that I have not yet published. Oh yeah, I did that with Full Moon in December too. With Sam the Night Person, I wrote it knowing the whole book, but not the ending. I also had my first book, not published, mapped out pretty much. A Dream of the Past, coming out next month, I think, had the premise worked out, but those characters wrote the details.

If you aren’t writing a novel, what would we find you doing?

Watching TV mostly. I also love reading and playing around on the Internet. I spend a lot of time playing FFXI, an online video game.

If Sam the Night Person was turned into a film, who would you want to play Sam and Azzy?

I think I want unknown to play them. Another blogger asked that and that’s what I said and when my fiancĂ© read it, he said I needed to pick famous actors! So let me ask him who he thinks should play them.. He says, after much deliberation, Claire Danes and Jared Leto. I said, “My So Called Life! Yay!”

If you could ask your readers any question, what would it be?

If my cat is preggers, want a kitten?

Lisa’s book are available through Club Lighthouse Publishing. Check out her page to find out about her other novels!


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