The Club - David Williamson

I am about to start a drama unit with my year 11 class. We are studying the play, The Club by David Williamson. This play follows the story of a football club over a season. It explores the clashes between different personalities, managerial power, the struggle some have with loyalty and the need to pursue personal gain.

This play was written in 1976 and was inspired by Victoria’s Collingwood football club. Although the events in this play feel so fresh, as similar things are still happening now with football clubs across the country. In New South Wales the current drama surrounding the Cronulla Sharks could easily have been taken from this play.

I am not really a football fan, but I found this play quite amusing. My students like it because it contains a lot of swearing and a story which is quite sordid (stories of violence, incest, corruption and betrayal to name a few). This is an easy to read play which my students really enjoy reading out loud in class (it get’s a lot of giggles – guess it’s not too often you are permitted to swear in front of your teacher).

15+ Adult themes and langauge. Used in the senior years of high school.

Rating 2/5


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