Bibliophiles and Bookstores

Yesterday, after a long and painful day at work, I decided to stop at the bookstore on the way home and pick up a new book. This is something that always cheers me up and makes me happy! Instead, I walked out with two new books.

Now, this is a problem that I have. I find it impossible to walk into a bookstore and either just browse or buy only one book! There have been times when I have achieved this but only because funds forced me to control myself.

It’s to the point where if I am walking past a bookstore with my fiance, he physically steers me past as I begin to slow to a stop! Now, don’t get me wrong, he loves books as much as I do and truth be told, probably has contributed more to our library than I have, but he is the master of self-control. I just can’t do it!

Books, for me, are just too tempting.. too pretty… too seductive.. they are like a drug and I just want more!

So, tell me, what are YOU like when you visit a bookstore? Can you happily browse without making a purchase? Are you able to go in to buy the book you went there to get without leaving with seven others? Or do you need to ban yourself from the bookstore if it’s too far until pay day?


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