Shadow’s Edge – Brent Weeks (The Night Angel Trilogy – Book 2)

Shadow’s Edge is the second novel in The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. Set directly after the first book (The Way of Shadows) Centaria is in ruin, the Khalidorian armies have moved in and the Godking is plotting the downfall of the rebellion against him in an effort to take Centaria for his own.

With his master gone and his love Elene now with him, Kylar Stern decides to swear off being a wetboy and flees Centaria to start a new life elsewhere, with Elene and Uly (a child they have adopted as she has nowhere to go after the coup). The first part of this book follows Kylar’s struggle to change his life and leave behind all he has known for the one he loves. Changing his life, however, is easier said than done, with the Godking threatening everything he holds dear, Kylar can not just stand back and watch. His destiny is too great to ignore.

Meanwhile, Kylar’s best friend Logan Gyre (and the true king of Centaria) is trapped down the “hole”. A dungeon which is full of the worst kinds of criminals and human filth – murderers, rapists and cannibals. To survive, Logan conceals his identity to the other prisoner’s and stoops to levels he never thought possible. But, in a world where the weak get eaten and only the strong survive, can Logan make it out of the hole alive? Can Kylar save Logan before it is too late?

Another story throughout this book, is that of Vi. Vi is also a wetboy, apprentice to Hu Gibbert. She is summoned by the Godking and forced to do his bidding. He sends her on a mission to kill Kylar and Jarl (the new Shinga and leader of the Sa’Kage – Centaria’s underground criminal organisation). Things don’t quite go to plan as Vi tries desperately to avoid doing the Godking’s evil work – yet somehow has no choice. Instead, she kidnaps Uly and plans of taking her to the Godking, that is until they are intercepted by Sister Ariel, from the Chantry (an academy for female mages).

Then there are also the stories of Dorain (the seer), Feir and Solon (wizards) and their roles in bringing down the Godking and saving Centaria.

Confused yet? There is A LOT in this book. Being the second book in the trilogy, it feels like Shadow’s Edge is just setting up for the third book. There is so much information in this book. So many chapters are dedicated to introducing possible storylines and characters that may play out in the third. The first part of this book is mainly about Logan being stuck in the hole and Kylar’s struggles to live a “normal life”. The middle is bogged down with information, although I did enjoy the character of Vi and her own internal struggle to defy the Godking. Lastly, this book finishes with lots of action, a resolution to the Godking storyline and of course, Kylar manages to solve one of his problems only to find himself with another – and a very interesting one at that.

Despite the lull in the story in the middle of this book, it finished on a high note and in a way which makes you want to go grab the third. Once again, Weeks is not afraid to kill of characters (good and bad) and although, I felt that he has created a complex world in the first book, this book takes that even further to the point where I did feel a little lost at times.

I did prefer the first novel, but I feel that this book really was just setting up the third so I am looking forward to seeing how this story ends.

Rating 3/5


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