I was looking at my overstuffed bookshelves recently (who do I kid, I often gaze at them lovingly) and noticed that my bookends are taking up quite a bit of space. I have never been a big fan of bookends but in order to be able to store books upright, on top of my shelves, I needed to get some. I can't have my books toppling over now can I? Imagine walking past and being hit on the head by a falling book! Death by book! That would be horrible. But I digress...

I decided to have a look around the internet at the different kinds of bookends available and was surprised to find such a varied selection! Here are a few that I liked and/or found amusing.

Fish! Fish in bookends! Ha!

Books holding up books? Alright! 

Pinocchio Bookends. Nothing like celebrating a classic fairy tale!

Harry Potter fan? Why not keep your collection between these beauties? Personally, I might have a strong desire to rip the head off Dolores Umbridge! 

This is seriously creepy!

What is your stance on bookends? Do you like them? Do you use them? Are they useful inventions or do they only serve to take up valuable book space? What do you think?
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