Update on my life, my absence and Japanese literature

Oh boy, what a week! Last week I started a substitute teaching position at a new school as well as my coaching work. So as you can imagine I have been run off my feet! 8am-7pm days (plus lesson preparation) doesn't leave much time for reading. I get up, go to school, finish there then go to my second job, come home, have dinner, do any lesson planning I need to do and then I try to read but I usually just end up falling asleep. I am so tired I probably wouldn't even eat if my wonderful fiance wasn't looking after dinner for me! I am very lucky to have him.

I am hoping that once I get into the swing of things I won't be as exhausted all the time and that I will still have time to maintain this blog with at least 2 posts a week. I will do my best.

I really do love teaching though and figure that all this hard work is worth it in the long run. Also, substitute work is hard to come by and I don't know how long it will last before I am looking for work again. So I will enjoy it while I have it! Plus, the mid-year holidays are in 4 weeks! That's two weeks of blissful reading time! Looking forward to that.

I am lucky enough to have today off work though so I am planning on getting some serious reading done! I am currently reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I have only managed to read 120 pages in a week (pretty shocking, but that's how busy/tired I have been) but I am enjoying it nevertheless. 

It is the story of Toru Watanabe looking back over his days as a university student. He recalls his first love, Naoko and his newest interest, Midori.

Since I haven't read much of this book yet, I can't really comment on it. I have read it in bits and pieces so I am having trouble connecting to the story and characters but I am hoping that changes as I have the time to read for longer.

I love Murakami novels and Japanese literature. Some of my favourites are Kafka on the Shore by Murakami, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Murakami and Out by Natsuo Kirino. 

Do you read Japanese literature? If so, what is your favourite? What novels or authors would you recommend?

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