Library Lust (4)

Being a big book nerd, I love libraries. There is something magical about a library. Rows of new worlds to discover, old friends to visit and new things to learn. What room could be more perfect? A library is one place where I feel completely at home, whether it is in my own or at a public library.

I love to own books. I am a collector. My ultimate goal (which I am lucky enough to share with my fiance) is to build our own home with an amazing library! We often talk about the features we would love to have in our dream library. We both agree it would be awesome if it had two levels, ladders that we can push along the walls, shelves stuffed full of books of course, large comfortable armchairs, a large window, open fireplace.. ahh I could go on! 

The other day, while browsing Booklover's Tumblr (LOVE this site, highly recommended) I came across this picture of someone's library and now I MUST have this too! 


Isn't that just the most awesome thing ever!? Now, my dream library not only has two levels, but a secret staircase to get to the second level! PURE GENIUS! 

How wonderful are secret passage ways? I have always loved them. Some of my favourite stories had secret passages in them. When I was a kid, I would fantasise that our house had a secret passage that I needed to find and it would lead somewhere really cool. What is cooler than more library? My perfect treasure.

Ok, I am done. I just got so excited about this picture I felt the need to share. I have probably asked this question before, but what does your dream library consist of?
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