In my Mailbox (7)

I am quite happy today! I came across a cheap store, that mainly sells junk, but had some big boxes of remaindered books for $3 each! Talk about a bargain. I exercised some self control and only bought four books.. although, I did con my mum into buying two for herself so I can borrow them ahahaha slack right? On the other hand, she liked the sound of them too... so it's a win/win situation. At least that is what I am telling myself....

I got:
  • The Atlantis Code - Charles Brokaw
  • The Secret Fire - Martin Langfield
  • Dark Origins - Anthony E. Zuker
  • Collected Poems - Allen Ginsberg
I've been flicking through Ginsberg's book all afternoon. Oh how I love beat poets!

I am looking forward to reading the novels too. First, I have some university assignments to complete.
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