End of year update

2010. Oh what a year! It sure has had it's ups and downs. Despite what was going on in my work and personal life, I have enjoyed book blogging.

Reading, reviewing and discussing books with all of you lovely people has been a lot of fun. Not only that, I have gotten to know some of you quite well due to long MSN or Twitter chats. I love being a part of this wonderful community and am looking forward to continuing to blog again, next year.

I figured I should write this post as I have been a little bit absent lately. With the end of the work year and my new writing job over at Suite 101, I have been busy. A bit too busy to read.

I am now on summer holidays, however, and I plan to get some reading done! So expect more reviews over the next 6 weeks.

I also plan to write more articles for Suite. I am enjoying writing articles related to my teaching area and about literature. Here a few I've written recently:
If I don't get to blog again before Christmas, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Eat, drink and be merry!, whether you are enjoying a beautiful white and snowy Chrristmas, or like me, live in the land down under and will be soaking up the sun.

I will be back again in the new year. Merry Christmas everyone!
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