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Notice anything different around here? Yup, that's right. I decided after spending the last 12 months at Blogspot it was time to change my template.

As my regular readers probably know by now, in November I started writing for Suite 101. I have had a great time writing literature and education related articles. I plan to continue to do this indefinitely which has prompted me to tidy up my blog and go for a more 'professional' feel. I will still be writing reviews as I have always done, and I won't be changing my 'voice' in any way, just my template.

You will notice there is a big slideshow box at the top of my blog, which is viewable from the homepage. Here I will be posting my Suite articles which I feel you might all be interested in! Reviews will be underneath, posted as usual.

I have added a Facebook page (which you can also access on the right hand menu) which will act as a professional writing profile. Here I will post all of my Suite articles and blog posts so you can all keep up to date! I will also continue to do this on Twitter for those of you who prefer that social media site.

So come add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven't already and join me for this new and exciting ride! I am very much looking forward to sharing my writing, reading and love of literature, with you all.
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