Merry Bookish Christmas!

Is it really that time of year again? With Christmas fast approaching (3 sleeps to go!) I find myself wondering where the year went. It really has gone fast. So much has happened. I started a new job, got married and we are one step closer to buying our own home. All in all, I would call 2011 a big success! 

As for my reading, with everything else that has happened I haven't met my goal. I have read a lot less books that I did last year and my blog has been a little bit neglected. Once upon a time I wouldn't start a new novel until I posted a review of the last book I read. Now I have six reviews pending and don't get to spend nearly as much time here as I used to.

I find this a little bit disappointing but reading and blogging is all about enjoyment for me, so to force it is out of the question. I miss chatting to my book blogging friends, and I miss your comments so I am hoping I can spend more time here in the new year. I will also try harder to comment on all your lovely blogs, because I miss reading them too! 

I am lucky enough to have the next few weeks off work and plan to spend some of it reading and blogging. There is a large pile of books waiting for me under the Christmas tree (did I mention that my husband is totally awesome?) which got me thinking, how many of you have grown up getting books for Christmas? Is this what helped fuel your love of books?

Throughout my time teaching high school English, I was always amazed by the number of kids who were mid to late teens, who would tell me they have never read a book before. How they got through so much schooling without doing so just baffles me, but it also got me thinking about the reasons why kids don't like to read. 

Learning difficulties aside, why do some seemingly bright kids find reading such a tedious task? As an avid reader I have trouble understanding how a person can not find joy in a book. Books are entertaining, they  provide knowledge, they open our eyes up to different worlds and viewpoints, they tug at the emotions, make us laugh and cry... they are fun and exasperating... books are wonderful. So why can't everyone see this?

For me, I grew up reading books. My mum loves books and as far back as I can remember she would have me read to her. For fun, we would read books, I would write my own stories or we would play word/spelling games. It's no wonder I turned out to be a teacher. Also, if I was really good, my mum would take me to the library. If I was really really good, my mum would buy me a book. 

I guess what I am trying to say is kids model behaviour of their parents and the attitude that parents have to books, is something their kids will pick up. If you live in a house full of readers you are more likely to love reading as opposed to those who grow up getting told "why bother reading the book when you can see the movie". 

What are your fond memories (or not so fond, to keep it fair) regarding books? Where one or both of your parents big readers? Did you get books as gifts? or as a reward? Did you look forward to Christmas, because there would always be books under the tree? I know I did and still do! I am such a nerd that I was caught by my mum and husband standing by the Christmas tree the other day, trying to guess which books were wrapped in which paper. My husband said that was cheating, but my mum's response? "you haven't changed". 

I am not really sure where I was going with this post. It's been a while since I have posted on here other than a review and I admit, I am babbling. So I'll stop now. But I would love to hear about your childhood experiences with books and Christmas! Are you expecting  books as a gift this year? Which ones are you hoping for? Just talk to me, I miss you guys!

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