Taking a Hiatus

It's been a while since I posted a review here.... A long while and to be honest, the review was so rushed and I felt so pressured to write it, it was bad. Time to face the fact that I just don't have the time for this blog at the moment.

I have books a,ll the way back to November I haven't yet blogged about. Look how many!

This makes me sad. I love my blog, I love talking about books and I love the book blogging community. But the time has come to take a break. Blogging now feels like a chore, something I must do... and that isn't how it should be.

So for now I won't be writing reviews. I will still be tracking the books I read via my Reviews by Month page, but I won't be writing about each book I read. This doesn't mean I won't post on here occasionally, I still love to talk about books and may have things I want to share, but the pressure to review is something I need a break from.

I'll still be reading your awesome blogs when I can and I WILL be back!

So for now, happy reading and see you soon!
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