Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K Rowling

As much as I love reading a good book for the first time and discovering new authors, sometimes it’s just as nice to revisit an old favourite. Old favourites have a way of providing us with warmth. It’s kind of like visiting a good friend who you know really well. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t spoken for a few years, all is forgiven because you are back now and that’s all that matters. You are always welcome and you always feel at home.

That is how I feel about the Harry Potter novels.

I spied Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, on my bookshelf the other night and I felt compelled to pick it up. To see what Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore were all up to. I sat down, intending to read for just a minute but quickly found myself transported back into the world of witches, wizards and muggles.

I was pleased to see that everyone was well, that you-know-who was still out of the picture for the moment and that my personal favourites, Fred and George Weasley, were still as amusing as I remembered.

I promised myself that I would stop reading once we reached platform 9 and 3 quarters but the lure of Hogwarts was all too tempting. Soon I was sitting in the great dining hall, experiencing the amazement and nerves of the first years, as they were sorted into their houses. The feast was magnificent as always and finally, I was able to put the novel down after an exhausting day of travel.

Soon, however, I got to thinking that Harry should really be starting classes soon so I resumed my reading, taking delight in meeting the teachers – even Snape who I have a soft spot for, despite all that will happen. There is some alluring about Snape.. something mysterious and interesting.. He is definitely one of my favourite characters in this series.

It was a pleasure to follow Harry through his first year at Hogwarts again. From those very shy, first meetings that will soon turn into brilliant friendships to discovering a world full of magic. It is all so sweet and all too familiar.

This series will always be one of my favourites and I look forward to reliving the rest of the novels… like all old friends, it’s important to pop in sometimes just to say hi and let them know that they are still loved.

Rating 5/5


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