Read-a-thon and XML help!

Ten hours until the read-a-thon starts! I am really getting excited about this now.. not sure why but I guess it's because I like a good community blogging challenge!

Instead of resting and preparing myself I am preparing lunch! My family are visiting today and it's a beautiful day for a BBQ. I will try and squeeze a nap in late this afternoon if possible. I am also going to rely heavily on caffinee I think.

SO, my question is, what are YOU doing to prepare for the read-a-thon? What is your start time? Is it late like mine? How long do you plan to stay up for and how many hours of reading are you hoping to get done?

Lastly, can someone who knows XML please help me??!! This blog template I am using doesn't allow for embedded comments. Only pop up comments. So after much internet searching I found a site that had a code to allow an embedded comment box. Great! Only problem is now, as you can see, the comment box is not just below each individual post on the posts page, but also on my home page. It looks cluttered and messy. So, can anyone tell me a code I can use to change this so the box only shows on the individual posts? I would be forever grateful.


Trish said...

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

I wish I could help you with your formatting dilemma, but I am just getting back into blogging after almost a year away. I have some issues with mine as well! I can tell it will be learn as I go.

Goodluck in the read-a-thon, and have fun!


Rachel said...

Worst thing is Trish, I have been google searching like crazy trying to figure out how to fix this, but all I can find is people asking how to get the comment box to show up on the main page (not fix it) and having the xml gurus saying that "it isn't possible"!! ha!!

Seems like I did the impossible without knowing what I did!

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