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The Book Depository

When I moved my blog from Wordpress to Blogger I decided against using advertising on my blog. Firstly, I didn't (and don't) want my blog to be clogged up with advertising for products or services I wouldn't use myself. Secondly, this blog has been and always will be a project of love and nothing more.

That said, I have decided to affiliate with Book Depository. So why the change of heart you might ask? well, I just LOVE Book Depository.

As my Australian readers know, books in Australia are REALLY expensive. You can pay anywhere between $20-$40 for a book in a bookstore. Sure places like Big W and Kmart sell books cheaper, but they only carry popular titles so the selection is limited. Book Depository sells millions of titles (basically anything you can think of!) dirt cheap. I have been able to pick up the Sookie Stackhouse books for $9 compared to $20 from Dymocks. I have also been able to get my Murakami books for $12 instead of $25! And you know what makes this saving ever better? Postage, worldwide, is FREE! Talk about an awesome deal!

So in order to share my excitement about this website (I have been shopping there for nearly a year now and I still get excited everytime I log on) I decided to sign up to their affiliate program.

Basically, all this means is that I will carry a Book Depository banner on my blog and if any of my lovely readers click on this banner and then buy some books, I will get a 5% commission. Considering how cheap their books are, I am not really expecting to make much money out of this, but any money I am lucky enough to receive, I will use to buy books to read and review for this site. That means anything I earn will always get put back into making this site better (and Book Depository win too since they are ultimately getting their money back).

I just love this store and my fiance and I no longer buy our books from the big book chains. Their delivery is quite fast too, they ship within 48 hours of your order and it takes no longer than 2 weeks to get books sent to Australia.

So next time you read one of my reviews and you want to buy that book, please click the link, it will be much appreciated. 

*Note: I will never accept money to review a book and will only ever give my honest opinion. All content on this blog is nothing but my opinion. I do not receive any payment from Book Depository to promote their website or review books. The only payment I will receive is from  the method explained above. Please view my Review Policy if you have any questions.
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