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My name is Rachel and I am a book-buying-a-holic. My fiance and I buy books a lot quicker than we can read them. This has resulted in quite a library. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. We love to read and we love to collect books but honestly, I really could do with saving some money right now and I would love to make my way through those books on our shelves that I have not read yet.

Tara over at 25 Hour Books has the same problem so she decided to host a book buying ban for the month of July!

At first, I wasn't going to join because the idea of not buying new books upset me. That was when I realised that I really do have a problem and it might actually do me some good to take a break (and my purse too!). So I have devised the following rules for the month of July.

  1. I am not to buy any new or used books between the 8th or July and the 1st of August. I will revise this at the beginning of August if I wish to continue (small steps first).

  2. Acquiring books I did not pay for (giveaway, gift etc.) is allowed. I am just not allowed to spend any money on books. Also, I think it's only right to note that I am not allowed to accept a book as a gift off my fiance! I am going to try and rope him into this book buying ban too! Otherwise, what's the point.

  3. I have updated my TBR list with all those books I own and have not read. I am only going to be reading books from that list. I was happy to see that I only own 47 books I have not read. I thought it was more. For these purposes I am not counting any of my fiance's books I have not read because then the number would go into the hundreds (plus I am not really into some of the hardcore science-fiction he reads!).

  4. In order to help my indecisiveness on what to read, I am going to let YOU pick what I should read this month. Please head over to my TBR list and pick what book(s) you think I should read first and then come back and leave me a comment. The books that get the most votes are the ones I will focus on reading!
Phew! I am not sure how I will go with this challenge but I am willing to give it a go! Wish me luck!

If you too wish to sign up for the Book Buying Ban then head over to the sign up form here.
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