Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone is book number nine in the Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire series. This book has Sookie dealing with not only vamps and weres, but her long lost family members who never seem to show up with good news!

Genre: Fiction, series
Publisher: Ace Books
Year: 2009
Rating: 3/5

Except for Sookie Stackhouse, folks in Bon Temps, Louisiana, knew little about vamps - and nothing about Weres. Until now. The Weres and shifters have finally revealed their existence to the ordinary world, and the backlash may have claimed the life of someone Sookie knew. But her determination to find out who is responsible for the murder is put aside in the face of a far greater danger. A race of unhuman beings - older, more powerful, and more secretive than vampires or werewolves - is preparing for war. And Sookie will find herself an all-too-human pawn in their battle....

The Sookie Stackhouse series is my guilty pleasure. Along with crime fiction or a good mystery, I love nothing more than to curl up with a Sookie Stackhouse novel to forget my troubles. I had wanted to read book number nine in this series since last year but I had a hard time finding it in a cover that matched the rest of my books. It has to match right? size.. cover art.. all that is important. At least to me.  So I waited, I searched bookstores and the internet, untilI finally found this copy on eBay and I was very excited to get it in the mail last week! 

This book picks up from the last. Like all Sookie books it is a fun read, full of mystery, suspense and humour. I have said it before, and I will say it again, one of the things I love about the Sookie books is the fact that Sookie still goes about her normal life (running errands, working, paying bills) all while the supernatural world is chaotic around her. Sookie is a refreshing heroine. Full of spark and 'normality'... well as normal as you can get when vamps, weres and fae are knocking down your door! 

I don't want to say too much about this book as I feel this series is something you need to experience yourself. It would be too easy to ruin the plotline of this book if I attempted to review it in too much detail. But this book was a quick and fun read! I can't wait to read Dead in the Family... although I am not looking forward to the even longer wait to get book number ten in the right cover!! 
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