Shameless Self Promotion

As some of you may know, my other passion besides literature and writing, is food. I love to cook. I love to grown my own herbs and vegetables. I love to throw dinner parties, plan menus and feed people. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone enjoy something you have cooked. It is amazing. 

In order to indulge in that passion, I have put together a cooking blog. In a joint effort with my fiance, we will post recipes that we have made in an effort to share good food with our friends! 

This is the only time I will post about this here as I feel that my book blog is on a completely different page (did you see what I did there? .. yeah, I try to be punny!). 

So here it is: The Suburban Foodies Recipes, growing a vegetable garden and stories from our Sydney kitchen! 

I hope you will come join me over at this new blog. Right now it is still in the 'being born' stages so there isn't a lot of content but I am hoping to get more on there soon. I am always keen for recipe suggestions. If you send me a recipe, and I cook it, I will credit you.

Lastly, don't despair, my book blog will always be my number one love and I will not neglect it. Posting recipes shouldn't take up as much time as reviewing a book (I hope) so I won't be making that blog my first priority. Here is where my heart is!
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