Reading Around the World

One of my reading goals is to read my way around the world. Not being a fan of challenges, I have been hesitant to commit myself to any sort of reading list or time frame. 

Despite that, I do want to fulfil my goal of reading at least one book from every country of the world! (or, thereabouts). So I have decided to put together a list and work towards ticking off as many countries as I can. This will be a 'loose' sort of challenge, and I will only be reading books as I feel like it. The purpose isn't to read a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time, just to enjoy reading my way around the world, at my own pace, all while learning about the wonderful and diverse cultures out there!

Ideally, each book I read should be set in a country and be a good example of life and culture in that country. Each book chosen should be the 'essence' of that country. Only the best of the best! 

There are 257 countries in the world, so where do I start? This is where my lovely readers come in! I want recommendations of the best books from around the globe.

So get your thinking caps on, and leave a comment below with some book ideas and I may just add them to my list. 
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