Refining my goal to read around the world!

In my previous post I talked about how I have a personal goal to read my way around the world. I wish to read a book from every country (or as many as are available) so I can learn about different cultures and immerse myself in all the wonderful literature this world has to offer.

Ideally, each book I read should be set in a country and be a good example of life and culture in that country. Each book chosen should be the 'essence' of that country. Only the best of the best!

I must add to that, that although I will endeavour to source 'local' authors from each country, I understand that could be hard for the smaller ones. So as long as the book is set in a country, and does a good job of showing that country's culture and what life is like there, then it counts. I am also counting books that might not contain much of the above, but are considered good examples of local literature, worthy of reading.

So how is this going to work, and how am I going to track my progress? 

I've thought about this and will be tracking my progress is a few ways. Firstly, I have a 'Reading Around the World' page where I will list my reads and my intended reads, and tick them off as I read them. I will also track the country of origin in my 'tags' as usual. Lastly, as suggested by Helen, I will use google maps to track my reading journey.You can check my map out here: Rachel's Reading Around the World.

Obviously, not all books I read will be counted in this challenge despite them being set in specific countries. For example, if I were to read Twilight, I am not going to count that as 'American', because it does not encompass what it is like to live in said country. Just wanted to be clear on that! 

I have also added some of the books I have read and reviewed in the past, as I have already tagged them with the country of origin if they meet the rules above, and would love to start focusing on new countries that I have not read novels or non-fiction books about, before.

I am still working out the kinks, but hopefully I will be on my way soon. 

Do you have any other suggestions for me? Want to join in? Let me know!
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