South Pacific Book Chat on Twitter

I am probably a little late to the party with this one, but I have just discovered South Pacific Book Chat on Twitter!

This "is a weekly Twitter chat aimed at providing people within the South Pacific and surrounding Asian countries a time zone friendly bookish conversation." Why did I not know about this before!? 

Basically, every Thursday night at 8pm (my time), Twitter users join together to talk about books. They use the hashtag #spbkchat to connect, and each week there is a topic up for discussion.

I joined in my first chat last night and the topic was all about 'The Classics'! I am so glad I joined in. The chat really got going and I met a lot of really great people who all love books and reading as much as I do! It was extremely enjoyable and I look forward to joining in more chats in the future. 

I enjoyed it so much, I felt I had to share it with you all. Everyone who takes part is really welcoming and it's so great to chat about books in 'real time'. So if you live in the South Pacific and love talking books, then head to Twitter next Thursday and join in the fun!
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