The Price of Indecision!

As you can see, I have reverted back to my old blog layout. I just couldn't get used to the new layout and it just never "felt" right. You know what I mean? 

I think we book bloggers are all a bit picky like that... a book blog is not only a place where we can talk about our passion for books, and discuss them with other who share our passions, but it also a reflection of who we are. Without wanting to get too deep about something as simple as a layout (I do have a tendency to over think!), it is important that our layout represents our personalities! This layout has always felt comfortable for me. I like the simple, uncluttered, organised look. So for now, I will be using this. 

I would like something a bit 'fancier' in the future, but alas! I just get by with basic html and I am certainly no graphic designer. So we will see.

How often do you change your blog layout? Have you have the same design since day one? or, do you think variety is the spice of life!?
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