Endless Night – Agatha Christie

Some are born to sweet delight, 
Some are born to endless night.

When penniless Michael Rogers discovers the beautiful house at Gypsy's Acre and then meets the heiress Ellie, it seems that all his dreams have come true at once. But he ignores an old woman's warning of an ancient curse, and evil begins to stir in paradise.

As Michael soon learns: Gypsy's Acre is the place where fatal 'accidents' happen....

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime
Year: 1967
Publisher: Harper
Rating: 5/5

Michael has always dreamed of owning his own home. And not just any home. He wants a home designed by his friend Santonix, the renowned architect who doesn't adhere to convention and designs bespoke dwellings.

This all just seems like a dream though... Michael is a bit of a drifter and odd jobs man, never sticking to anything long enough to make a decent living. 

Then Michael meets Ellie. Ellie is unlike any woman he has ever met. She is kind and good. The perfect woman. And she has fallen in love with him.

To make this fairytale romance even more amazing, Ellie turns out to be filthy rich! She buys Michael his dream property – the place where they met – Gypsy Acre. She enlists Santonix to build Michael's dream home and soon Michael finds himself living his dream life!

Just when Michael thinks life can't get any better, things start to go sour. Someone in town has it in for the couple living on Gypsy Acre. Someone is trying to sabotage their life. But who? And why? Can they stop the attacks before it is too late?

My thoughts....

This may be one of the better Christie mysteries I have read to date! This novel kept me guessing the whole way through and had one hell of a twist at the end I did not see coming!

Like all mystery novels, I find myself trying to guess "whodunit" the whole time I am reading.. in this case, I had no hope. Christie devised a plot and a twist so unexpected that I nearly fell off my chair! 

I highly recommend this novel to Christie fans and anyone who loves a good mystery! You will not be disappointed. 

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