Reading Around the World

I have a personal goal to read my way around the world. I wish to read a book from every country (or as many as are available) so I can learn about different cultures and immerse myself in all the wonderful literature this world has to offer.

Ideally, each book I read should be set in a country and be a good example of life and culture in that country. Each book chosen should be the 'essence' of that country, or at least be considered a good example of the sort of literature that country has to offer. Only the best of the best!

Although I will endeavour to source 'local' authors from each country, I understand that could be hard for smaller countries. So as long as the book is set in a country, and does a good job of showing that country's culture, then it counts even if it was written be a non-local.

Feel free to suggest any novels or non-fiction books that you feel meets these requirements, for any country. Here is a list of all of the 257 countries in the world!

The Reading List

The books below are books I have read and reviewed. Check out my 'To Be Read' list. to see what I am planning on reading. You can also check out my progress via Google Maps.

The Middle East
    North America
    Central America

    South America


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