Our new bookcases

Like most bibliophiles, my fiance and I have a problem with space. We just never seem to have enough room for the books we seem to keep acquiring. This is not through fault of our own. We don't mean to buy more books than our home can handle. It just happens. 

A few months ago, I took part in Our Year in Books, Library Link-up. They asked fellow bloggers to reveal their home libraries. You can see ours here

As you can see, our library was a hodge podge of mismatching bookcases picked up at various times and places. 

We decided this weekend, that enough was enough. We wanted to stop stacking our books on top of each other and invest in some new bookcases. We decided to ditch our low bookcases (which I just happened to pick up off the side of the road when I was a first year university student! - you can't be too picky sometimes hehe) and replace them with tall bookcases. 

Here is the result!


So these new bookcases didn't really solve the space problem. Once we unpacked the low bookcases and unstacked the piles of books, we still ended up basically filling not only these four bookcases, but the two other tall ones we decided to keep. 

But, it looks so good. I keep going into our library and sitting on the floor gazing lovingly at this wall. Our wall of books! 

I am so happy with the result I just needed to share with fellow book lovers! 

What does your home library look like?
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