New or Old Book Smell?

I love book shopping (I have talked about this before, when I discussed Bibliophiles and Bookstores) and I love browsing new and second-hand bookstores. The town I used to live in had a really great second-hand bookstore! It was big, quiet and musty. Perfect. There is something special about that “old book smell” just as much as that “new book smell”. I love both for different reasons and yes… I do sniff my books… Call me weird but I LOVE the smell of books. Did I just share too much?

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I was browsing the internet and came across this picture of a bookstore. This looks like the type of second-hand bookstore I could spend hours in, because you are sure to find a gem!

Although, lately I find myself (when not shopping online) browsing Borders more often than second-hand bookstores. Now I know a lot of you hate how overpriced new books are, and I agree.. but I am willing to spend the money anyway just for that “new book smell”.

So my question to you, my readers, is what do you prefer? Do you love that musty old book smell? or do you crave the feeling of crisp new pages fresh off the printing press? Or, have you forsaken real live books for an e-reader? What makes you happy?
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